My Fly is Enough. My FLY, your FLY, our FLY is and always will be enough. Your FLY is what makes you, you and we wear these shirts as reminders and as statements that who we are, is enough! Order your shirt now, tag #MyFLYisEnough and tell us why you are FLY! We will feature shares on our Instagram + Facebook stories!

Illustration Design and Printing by Ashlee Stewack

My Fly is Enough T-shirt

  • We do not accept returns at this time, unless you were sent the wrong item/size than what you ordered. All funds go towards the flight, so if you find yourself with an item you no longer want, we encourage you to gift it to another FLY friend/family member.

    If we sent you the wrong item, returns will be granted for a refund at the item cost, not including shipping. Tracking of return is required within 7 days of receivng the item (the documented delivery day of item). Funds will only be returned upon our receipt of the item for physical inspection. Clothing must have no signs of wear/tear and any damaged items will result in no refund. 

    Thank you!