Fly With Us!

- A female-led platform taking a holistic approach to developing businesses by connecting the women behind them through mindful, intentional, and educational efforts.



In 2018, only 2.2% of venture capital funding towards start ups (~$96.7 billion dollars) went to women. Less than 1% went to women of color. We began this flight to make space for us amongst that 97.8% by first working through the disparities observed within the other two.


Women empowerment is often stated in unity but we do not as often observe this same unity in practice and action. 


We serve solely as a catalyst for female creators from all cultural, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds to fuse their "FLY,"--their niche/unique value. By connecting and collaborating through our differences, we can increase our intellectual capital, build social equity, and see true sustainability within our businesses. 





We create space with a purpose dedicated to intentional collaboration, creation, motivation, and unapologetic celebration of women owners and entrepreneurs. We offer our platform for women to share their work, gain a client, spark collaborations, and build their presence. 

3 Platforms for Takeoff!

Create + Collaborate + Celebrate 


Flying well is a group effort! Coming from all different walks of life, we come together to ensure you're connected from every angle and flying at your full potential! This is only the beginning!

We don't network,

we connect flights! 

Come create and connect while gaining new skills and knowledge that propel you + your business forward.

Keep an eye out for the masterclasses!

All Women + Femme

Open Mic

When we speak about business development, artists are often left out of the conversation. We encourage artists to attend all our workshops, but provide WE Rise as a platform for them to exhibit their talents and gain new supporters.

Open sharing and story-telling from walk-in performers, welcome.


Conversation-based series

We curate intimate, women + femme brave spaces on a quarterly basis, addressing tough topics that are often avoided.  It is only through truly hearing each other and getting to the root of why we think or feel the different ways we do that we can expect to see unity and empowerment. We must have actionable conversation before we can expect to truly fly forward collectively! 

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FHF seeks to help self-identifying women and/or female-bodied individuals invest in their  development and professional growth. We provide spaces w/ educational workshops and networking opportunities for all who are in support of our mission and women at all levels within our Fuse Her Fly community.

The concept of Fuse Her Fly was curated by our Founder, Jae Webb who--in building her first business, An Original Peace--felt first-hand the need for a space where woman entrepreneurs could gather to assist, celebrate, and encourage one another. Everywhere she found this narrative, there was always some form of exclusion limiting which women could be present in these spaces. So, she decided to build a support system she wanted to see and chose a crew of #highfly(HER)s to join her on the journey. FHF officially launched in November of 2018.